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Strategic Stewardship Partners is an independently owned firm located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Strategic Stewardship Partners assists affluent Christian families who want to eliminate estate and capital gains taxes, reduce income taxes, maintain their current lifestyle, pass on an appropriate inheritance to their heirs and maximize giving to worthy ministries. Our unique process includes the spiritual and emotional components of planning that are lacking in secular financial and estate planning to maximize your God-given resources and potential.

We also partner with ministries and act as your Virtual Planned Giving Department. We provide you with comprehensive, flexible solutions that help you effectively market and close planned gifts. Our staff will support you with technical, legal, design, marketing and multimedia needs so that you can see results in meeting your organization’s goals and increase your gifts.

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Provided to Families

Strategic Stewardship Partners is a family office that provides a vast array of services to its member families at two levels.

Our Level 1 service takes each family through our comprehensive and unique Family Wealth Counseling process leading to the development and implementation of a customized, inter-generational Master Stewardship Plan for their family. This Family Wealth Counseling process has five phases.

Our Level 2 Master Stewardship Plan Maintenance & Operation’s services ensure that the family’s Master Stewardship Plan stays current and on-course in future years. We also actively engage the entire family to effectively participate in ‘living out” their family’s plan.


Why Strategic Stewardship Partners

Are you a mid-size to small organization that does not have the funds to have a planned giving department? Maybe you do have a development department but do not have the budget, time or personnel to commit to a full-time planned giving position. Are your resources limited to hire staff to raise funds? Research shows that organizations that don’t have the staff or marketing programs for planned gifts frequently have the donors who are willing to give, but fail to close the gifts. Many donors don’t know how to give most efficiently and effectively and no one is showing them how to give. For example, roughly 90% of the world’s wealth is in no-cash holding and yet over 90% of giving is done from cash. Partner with Strategic Stewardship Partners, our mission is to provide you with comprehensive, flexible solutions that help you effectively market and close planned gifts. We help move donors to “partners” of the ministry by educating you on how to develop deep and meaningful relationships with them. Strategic Stewardship Partners will empower you to turn inconsistent or non-existent messaging into well delivered effective messaging. We will educate you on how to communicate with donors about money, wealth, possessions, giving and generosity. We will assist in developing targeted messages for your donor audience that align with your development goals. By partnering with Strategic Stewardship Partners you can have peace of mind knowing our solution has a proven track record of results to help meet your organization's goals and increase your gifts.

Watch Paul Damon, CFP ChFC CLU speak about "Generosity: The Cure for what Ails You" at "Tribes Church"

GENEROSITY: The Cure For What Ails You from Tribes Church on Vimeo.

SSP Process

Tax Benefits

Our Master Stewardship Planning enables our clients to potentially experience estate tax benefits. It also may reduce our clients annual income tax bill, utilizing combinations of both short term and long term planning strate...
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Ensure You Maintain Your Current Lifestyle

This is our first priority. We do not determine the lifestyle our clients should have or maintain. Our number one objective is to make sure that our clients’ new plan does not in any way hamper or limit their chosen lif...
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Pass on Appropriate Inheritance

Our objective is to help clients evaluate their heirs, strengths, weaknesses, needs and desires. We help craft an inheritance for your heirs that will help fund life opportunities that will be a blessing, not a curse.
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Increase your giving to ministries that are important to you

We use a giving model based on transformational giving that has the power to transform both the giver and the recipient. For a client to realize that they have a substantial amount to invest in causes meaningful to them will ...
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Maximize your God-given talents, passion and life-purpose

Helping clients and families discover how to integrate their God given talents and passions into a life pursuit enables them to fully engage themselves in what God made them to do. This enables them to fully discover their Fi...
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SSP Team

Paul Damon

Family Wealth Counselor
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Angela Brooks

Strategic Stewardship Coach
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Cheri Lytikainen

Director of Marketing
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Kyle Kelley

Assistant to Operations Manager
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Hypothetical Case Studies

As a result of developing and implementing their newly created Master Stewardship Life Plan,
the Newmans’ increased their net, after-tax INCOME from $34 million to $36 million.

Mr. and Mrs. James Newman
Net Worth $50 Million

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These are hypothetical cases and is no assurance your experience will be similar, and no assurance of financial success.

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Stewardship a Biblical Worldview

The secular worldview and biblical worldview on stewardship are quite different. Check out our blog here and let’s help build the kingdom together.






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